Having access to a consistent supply of washed aggregates and tested raw materials allows Hunter Valley Concrete to supply consistent ready mix concrete with advanced mix designs that meet even the most stringent project requirements.
All Hunter Valley Concrete’s mix designs comply with the Australian Standard for Concrete Structures, AS 3600 (i.e. mainly focused on how to design concrete structures and used by design and construction engineers).
At Hunter Valley Concrete Pty Ltd the company’s mix designs, policies and procedures all conform to AS1379 that being the Australian Standard on “The Specification and Supply of Concrete”. AS1379 forms the basis of contracts/agreements for concrete supply to customers and minimum standards on how concrete should be produced.
Hunter Valley Concrete provide a range of standard concrete mixes that are designed for residential and commercial applications, including low rise buildings, paving and driveways. They supply civil, mining, commercial and industrial projects throughout the Hunter Valley. Recent projects include the refurbishment, redevelopment and extension of the Muswellbrook Hospital, in the centre of the Hunter Valley.
Our ready mix concrete products are backed by expertise and tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability. Knowledgeable and experienced consultants work daily with the management team at Hunter Valley Concrete to ensure the mix designs supplied to you and your concrete project are within specification.
Hunter Valley Concrete provide standardised, premixed concrete that is specified by a standard strength, slump and maximum size aggregate. Their normal (N) class concrete includes N20, N25, N32, N40, N50 and N60 concrete with standard slumps of 60-120mm. Upon request we can design special mixes including high performance, decorative and special application concretes to cater for all your concrete needs.
Hunter Valley Concrete
If you are tendering or looking to complete infrastructure, mining or industrial projects within the Hunter Valley and you require clean and consistent concrete that is within specification, on time and priced competitively, look no further than the team at Hunter Valley Concrete.